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Massachusetts Mortgage,
Loan, and Finance Programs

It's difficult to take the time to smell the roses,
while you're phoning lawyers, trying to feed your family,
trying to avoid bankruptcy, bouncing checks,
hiding from creditors,
and standing knee deep in Bull Shit!

If you have equity
in your real estate,
We can help with
Fast Private Money Mortgages,
Bad Credit, Private Money, Hard Money Mortgages,
and a Mortgage Loan Program for
any purpose that makes Economic sense!

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We can't promise that we can finance every deal.
But, we can promise not to waste your time!

We do not have any 100% finance programs!

We do not have any personal loan programs!

It Takes Money-To Make Money

We have many types of Private Money,
Hard Money, Real Estate Mortgage loan programs:
Business loans, Commercial mortgages, Multi-unit property mortgages,
Mixed use property mortgages,
Sub-Prime Residential mortgage loans for amounts over $2,000,000,
and Private Money first mortgage loan
programs available in most States.

In the New England States
our minimum first mortgage loan is $50,000.
In all other states the minimum loan is $100,000.

Short term, Bridge Loans:


Sometimes a short term Bridge loan makes sense.
The rate is always higher than a conventional mortgage loan
and usually lower than a Private Money Hard Money first mortgage or second mortgage Loan!

We are a Nationwide mortgage company.

Fast Hard Money Real Estate Loans

In all 50 States we have many

Hard Money
no-income verification,
no-credit check mortgage loan programs available for commercial real estate
of any type and for construction and land developement.
Our typical mortgage loan, in these situations is 40-50%
of the value of the real estate.

We do not place much emphasis on credit history
or ability to make monthly payments!
Many Hard Money mortgage loans can be structured so that there are no monthly payments.
If your hard money deal makes economic sense,
and you have plenty of collateral with equity; Let's Talk!

  • We can finance Commercial Real Estate purchases, and re-finances, from $100,000 up anywhere in the US.
    This includes apartment buildings,
    multi-use buildings, and small 4 unit buildings.

    Each mortgage request is treated
    as a valuable opportunity by representatives of our company.
    Each loan request that is submitted to us receives
    the individual attention necessary to evaluate it on its own merits.

    All mortgage loan,and bad credit mortgage, loan programs
    involve collateral in one form or another: real estate, equipment,
    inventory, precious stones and metals etc.

    We do not have any personal loan programs.

In less than 5 minutes, most of the time,
we can let you know the rate and term
of any mortgage loan, bad credit mortgage loan, and second mortgage loan,
we offer regarding your mortgage loan request.

  • Private lender programs for bad credit mortages,
    and second mortgages, for requests with unusual circumstances.
    Anything goes!

    If it makes economic sense; Let's Talk!
    We can even use unusual items for collateral,
    such as traded stocks with a value of less than $2.00 per share,
    precious stones, paintings by The Old Masters, etc.

  • No Income verification programs available
    for just about any type of bad credit mortgage!
    We will lend you the money you need,
    and we will lend you the money to make your monthly loan payments for up to a year
    if you have enough equity in your real estate!

    Give Us A Brief Overview
    Of What You Need via E-mail!

    E-mail: submission@massachusettsmortgage.biz

    Brokers are welcomed,
    appreciated, and protected!

    Massachusetts Mortgage, Loan, and Finance Company
    6 Richardson Street
    Box 1344
    Saugus, Ma. 01906
    Office 781 233 4850

781 727 5870 cell phone

8 miles North of Boston
Give Us A Brief Overview
Of What You Need via E-mail!

E-mail: submission@massachusettsmortgage.biz