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"Fast" Asset Based Hard Money Loans

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No Credit Check Mortgages,

No Income Verification Mortgages.

Factor, Equipment, and Account Receivable Loans.

We can finance Single Family Homes, or 1-4 family property
as long as they are not the primary residence of the owner!

Please Note: we do not have any Hard Money Mortgage programs whatsoever for purchases of real estate
in which a buyer with bad credit does not have at least 50%
of their own money going into the deal!

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" Every Deal That Makes Economic Sense!"

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It Takes Money,
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Without Money,
You're going absolutely nowhere!

Bad Credit Is Never A Problem
If You Have At Least 40%
Equity in Your Property!

Fast "Hard Money" Real Estate Mortgages

We are a Nationwide mortgage company.

In all 50 States we have many Hard Money" no-income verification programs,
bad credit mortgages,
no-credit check programs, and many other mortgage loan programs
available for commercial real estate
of any type and for construction and land developement.
RELAX, we don't charge up front fees!
Our typical mortgage loan, in these situations is 40-55% of the value of the real estate.
We do not place emphasis on credit history,
or your ability to make monthly payments!
Many of our Hard Money mortgage loans,
can be structured so that there are no monthly payments.

We have an asset based, hard money, non owner occupied
first mortgage loan program, $25,000 minimum,
in which we will not enter the loan with any credit bureau
as long as your monthly payments are up to date.
This Hard Money mortgage loan is perfect
for paying off credit cards,State Government liens,The I.R.S., and other installment debt.
If your hard money deal makes economic sense,
and you have collateral with plenty of equity; Let's Talk!

We have many types of Real Estate mortgage loan, Second mortgage,bad credit mortgage, Business, Commercial,

Asset Based Loans,
Hard Money, and Private "Fast" Mortgage Money loan programs
available in all 50 States, $25,000 up to $10,000,000.

Short term, Bridge Loans:

Sometimes a short term Bridge mortgage loan makes sense.
The rate is always higher than a conventional mortgage
and usually lower than a Hard Money Loan!

We do not have any "Good Credit" residential owner occupied mortgage programs
with the single exception of Trophy Homes!
Which are homes valued at $2,000,000 or more! .
All our residential programs are for situations in which a customer has "Bad Credit" and
can not get a low rate conventional residential mortgage,
and in which there is substantial equity.
In today's market, as much as 50% equity may be required

The rates are always higher than a "Good Credit" mortgage.

Commercial Real Estate Finance

Private Lender Programs